Séjour Brésil - Rio de Janeiro
du 18 Juillet au 1 Août 2022


Strictement cacher

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Séjour RIO - BUZIOS (Brésil)

Du 18 juillet au 1 août 2022


Un voyage inédit au BRESIL en Cacher par Oneg Loisirs et Puentes Evasion ( Experience de + de 15 ans dans les voyages au bout du monde)

Visite, détente, plage...

Rio de Janeiro, carioca landscapes between the mountains and the sea

The property consists of an exceptional urban landscape comprising the natural elements
who governed and inspired the development of the city, starting from the mountain peaks of the
Tijuca National Park to descend to the sea. Also included are the
botanical gardens, created in 1808, Mount Corcovado with its statue of Christ and the chain
hills around Guanabara Bay or the vast landscapes along
Copacabana Bay, who have contributed to the culture of outdoor life in this
spectacular city. Rio de Janeiro is also recognized as a source of inspiration
for musicians, landscapers and urban planners.

The city of Rio de Janeiroshaped by its interaction with the mountains and the sea, is located in the narrow strip of alluvial plain that stretches between Guanabara Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It is an exceptional and spectacular landscape, punctuated by a series of forested mountains overlooking the city, which rise up to 1,021 m above sea level for the highest peak of the Tijuca massif, and cascade down to the coast where the steep conical shapes of Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açúcar), Urca, Cara de Cão and Corcovado frame the wide expanses of Guanabara Bay, sheltering Rio de Janeiro from the Atlantic Ocean.
Nestled between these mountains and Guanabara Bay, the cityscape, shaped by significant historical events and influenced by diverse cultures, is seen to be of great beauty and celebrated through the arts, especially painting and poetry.

Búzios, the Saint-Tropez of Brazil
Armação dos Búzios, or simply Búzios, is a peninsula located 170 km from Rio de Janeiro and surrounded by 23 beaches. The place exerts an irresistible attraction on travelers. Nestled in a cove, Búzios is famous for its sumptuous beaches, sublime restaurants and European chic. What to do and see in this destination?
In the beginning was Bardot
Búzios owes a lot to cinema. The city was born in the eyes of the world in 1964 when an unexpected guest landed: Brigitte Bardot, who had come to flee the pressure of Rio in this fishing village called Búzios. The actress was quickly conquered by the tranquility and beauty of the place and in a few days Búzios became the center of international media attention, which reproduced images of its beaches all over the world. Soon French travelers flock to the footsteps of their idol in Búzios. Today, the Bardot legend has not waned and continues to attract ever-increasing numbers of visitors to Búzios.

The Maracanã stadium, temple of the beautiful game

Inaugurated in 1950 thanks to the journalist Mário Filho

Stadium | If football was born in England, it is in Brazil that it grew up: in Rio de Janeiro. A little on the street, a little on the beaches, but especially at the Maracanã stadium. For fans, the Maracanã is a kingdom, which over time has become the home of football, the land of football.

The enclosure is sacred for amateurs and professionals of the round ball. A Brazilian monument, long the largest stadium in the world and cauldron of "futebol", which has seen Pelé, Garrincha or Zico shine. This legendary oval structure of 317 meters by 279, culminating at 32 m, has become one of the most famous monuments in Rio.

Trendy nights out in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, the cultural capital of Brazil, lives up to its reputation as a fantastic party destination. And although the city's busiest time is during Carnival, there are still plenty of clubs, samba shows, street parties and live music all year round.

Whatever the evening of the week, you can enjoy Rio's vibrant nightlife: open-air bars by the lake, small welcoming neighborhood bars (botecos), festive bistros in the colonial streets of Centro, beach kiosks , lounge bars and chic clubs dot the entire city. Discover the places to party until the end of the night in Rio! 

Discover the culinary specialties of Brazil...


- The formula is half board (breakfast and dinner, full board chabat)
- The restaurants where the meals will be taken are under local Rabbinical supervision
- Catering meal
- Barbecue
- Ice tasting

All meals during the circuit as well as barbecues are provided by a local kosher caterer.


PROGRAM OF THE STAY-14 Sensational Days!

Organized by Marc Amoch and Miguel Gabis Puentes Evasion

Reception of arrivals from different countries
organized transfers from the airport to the hotel


Dinner at the hotel

Matin : City tour de la ville , pão d açúcar quartier d’IPANEMA
Plages de Rio
Diner à l’hôtel
Après le diner , sortie nocturne : ambiance locale dans un lieu magique !

Sortie pour la journée à la découverte de la ville ANGRA do REIS
Au programme : Baignade, plongée, visite de la ville.

Sortie Parc National de Tijuca , Quartier de Santa Teresa
Diner à l’hotel
 Sortie Nocturne.

Sortie Corcovado et Escadria
Préparation chabatique
Départ  le soir pour la synagogue qui se trouve à proximité de l’hôtel
Diner à l’hôtel

Morning: prayer in the synagogue

Aperitif followed by lunch
Ap noon: Walk in the Copacabana district
Night out in the lively areas of the city: CAFE GAROTA DE IPANEMA:
BOSANOVA concert

DEPARTURE FOR BUZIOS: Departure by coach for the island of Brigitte Bardot! for 4 nights

Installation at the hotel
Afternoon free: beach, relaxation, fariente,…

Sortie : A la découverte de la ville de Buzios : la légende de Brigitte Bardot.
Ses origines, son histoire, ses quartiers typiques.
Promenade en buggy ( paf) pour visiter Buziana.
Sortie nocturne dans les lieux branchés de Buzios

Journée magique !
Sortie car pour la journée pour Arrial do cabo
Croisière pour les îles paradisiaques
Sortie nocturne

Wednesday JULY 27
Retour car à Rio
Ap midi libre
Sortie nocturne

Thursday JULY 28
Visites : Bd Olynpic, musée d’anonho, Aquarium ouvert. Sortie nocturne au Centro Luiz Gonzaga de Tradiçoes Noredestinas.
Sortie nocturne au Centro Luiz Gonzaga de Tradiçoes Noredestinas.

Friday JULY 29
School outing of SAMBA and New street art
Evening: prayer at the synagogue
Shabbat dinner

Saturday JULY 30

Morning: prayer in the synagogue
Aperitif followed by lunch
Afternoon: Walk in the Copacabana district
Show outing: dance and music show

Sunday JULY 31
Morning visit to the city market:
Free afternoon
end the circuit
Thank you for your participation

Family rate: quote on request

Accommodation 13 nights in 5* and 4* hotels, transfer airport half pension strictly kosher
 half pensione full board chabat
Bus outings


covid-19: If cancellation of the trip due to the closure of the borders preventing entry into the countries Costa Rica and Panama,
the amount of the deposits paid will be refunded to you.

(a file fee of €200 per family will be retained)

IInfo & Booking: 06 58 12 07 25

All meals during the tour are provided by a local kosher caterer under the supervision of the Rabinat of Buenos Aires.




covid-19: If cancellation of the trip due to the closure of the borders preventing entry into the countries Costa Rica and Panama,
the amount of the deposits paid will be refunded to you.

(a file fee of €200 per family will be retained)

Souvenirs from South America/ Reactions!!!
Paule Amsellem :
Very happy to have shared with you all this wonderful trip, I thank you for your warm sympathy and I will keep excellent memories of this pleasant group. Welcome back to all and thanks to Marc, Miguel and Richard for their great dedication. See you next trip God willing in good health to all Amen. Very big kisses to all Paule.

Muriel Fhal:
A trip full of beautiful images but also beautiful encounters....
Thank you all and especially to you 3...
See you soon !

Nelly Benhamou :
We leave the stars full of peepers, it was an incredible and unforgettable trip with beautiful encounters in this joyful and friendly group.
Thank you to all of you for having taken part in this great adventure with so much friendliness and respect.
Thank you M&Ms & Richard for your work and your involvement in making us happy throughout this stay.
Gracias a la vida
Welcome back everyone and hasta luego!
Nelly et Marc

Michel Dukan :
Thank you for this trip that exceeded our expectations
Many good memories
Thanks to the 3 organizers

Frankiel Sdika :
Thank you to the organizers for this wonderful trip
Thank you to all the members of the group for these great moments of exchange..

Samuel Benhamou :
Beautiful moments of friendship memorable giggles breathtaking landscapes unparalleled gastronomy I wander... or I let myself be carried away by my enthusiasm you are sure that the mate is not on the list of amazing products;

Houri :
A good return to all in your homes!! Delighted with this stay and all these beautiful encounters. Thank you to the organizers for their constant efforts Only good memories
Kisses to all

Philippe Samoun :
Here we are a few moments from the start
Thanks to Miguel Marc and Riccardo for this trip full of emotions of encounters and discoveries We leave with stars in our eyes and images of dreams engraved forever. This happened .
Thank you again and see you soon for other adventures

Mimouni :
Thanks to Miguel Marc and Richard for this magnificent expedition.
Thanks to you, we discovered another world and realized how beautiful the earth is.
And thanks to you, we were also able to live an extraordinary human experience with friendship, conviviality, generosity and joy.
We have seen how much our beautiful people know how to help each other and come together when they are in adversity.
We have seen how much our beautiful people know how to help each other and come together when they are in adversity.
Vesamahta vehageha !!!

Many thanks to miguel marc and richard!
This honeymoon will be engraved forever in our memory, between the 10 km walk, the exceptional sandwiches

Yael Bellity :
Thank you all for your kindness, your smiles and your warmth. Thank you for your welcome and your advice. Thank you for the laughs and the general good atmosphere.
While preparing for this trip, we were sure to come back with great memories, but what we had no idea was to meet such beautiful people! So from the bottom of my heart thank you to each of you for making this trip so exceptional!
A very special thought and thank you to Miguel, Marc and Richard who surrounded us so well that some thought we were part of their family.
just thank you

Josiane Levy:
Thanks to Magic Miguel, Magic Marc and Magic Ricardo who made us discover, taste and marvel at fantastic sites
See you next year if D. Wants

Cyril Lemann :
Thanks to the GOs (and very GM), without you (and the famous saying "Kol BaRosh") we would never have dared: 9 planes, 26 buses, 2 boats, 1 horse, a helicopter, 28 sandwiches, 8 bananas, 10 apples, 7 hotels, 5 guides, 17 tablets, 70km of walking and nearly 300 floors climbed
More than 30,000 km in 14 days without fail!
The Marc, Miguel Ricardo Dream Team: “go all the way, with no limits other than guts and nerves... and a smile of course! "

Paul Benguigui
A travel. Nope
It was a whirlwind. South, north, hot, cold, plane, boat, bus, train, horse. Unforgettable. Thanks to the organizers.